Met ons werken

We hebben een systeem ontwikkeld om ons projectbeheer uit te voeren om op die manier het resultaat van onze oplossingen te garanderen. VistaLink neemt de de prestaties, inclusief validatie op zich.

Waarom met ons werken

Naast de grootste expertise en allerbeste technologieën profiteren onze klanten van toegang tot een volledig pakket aan diensten.

Our company implemented a 100% inspection system in collaboration with VistaLink to detect and prevent defects at customer level and to meet their quality standards. The system was able to check parts quality with more than 15 quality criteria on a total production of 275 Million units per year. Despite the complexity of the project itself, the system was successfully implemented in more than 20 manufacturing lines and the quality delivered to our customers increased enormously. It helped us to prevent defects and to improve our process.

Hugo Fernández Bacarizo

A relationship of trust based on the perfect mastery and performance of the installed equipment, competent contacts, available and sensitive to the optimization of existing solutions

Diane Alexandre

With the development of our white stock system, VistaLink delivered a state-of-the-art solution 15 years ago to prevent product mixup. Since then VistaLink is our partner for our most challenging vision projects.

Dirk Heyninck

When nobody else solves my vision needs, I turn to VistaLink for help. And they never let me down.

Robert Jacobsson - Volvo Cars Torslanda
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