machine vision, vision inspection, 3D inspectie, 3D visie, serialisatie, kwaliteitsinspectie, cognex


We understand and foster the value of your investment. To support your investment throughout the full life cycle of your installation, we have various support solutions.

Support when and where you need it

We understand that technology is just part of the solution for the majority of our clients. That's why we are committed to providing technical support and training where and when it is needed most - on the ground in your facility or over the phone, at each stage of your project.


We can provide service at a daily rate or perform work on a time and expense basis, or we can offer you a Service Level Agreement, tailored to your needs. Everything is possible, 5/5 – 7/7, one, two or three shifts a day. Contact us for more information

vision inspection, machine vision, 3D inspection, serialization, cognex

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