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Due to the evolution of camera and image processing technology, the pharmaceutical industry can now use automatic inspection machines that control 100% of every product during the production process. The visual inspection of products (to meet the highest quality requirements and the cGMP regulations) requires advanced vision technology as well as perfect manipulation of the products for the built-in cameras of the machines.

Inspection machine for tablets and capsules

A double-rotating drum system was developed for the inspection of tablets and capsules. The drums are always tailor-made for the product to be inspected, so that without damaging the product, it can ensure that all sides of the product can be inspected. The products are held in place by means of a vacuum system and shown to an inspection field where 8 high-resolution color cameras record multiple images. In this way, the smallest flaws and imperfections of each product can be detected up to 50 μm at full production speed. (up to 300,000 products / hour). The machine can be adjusted for damaged edges, color deviations, dirt, cracks and many other errors.

Inspection machine for glasses and plastic containers

For checking glass and plastic containers, the machines have been developed in such a way that they allow the inspected products to rotate for the cameras. In this way, these machines can be used for different products, both with small volumes (vials, ampules, cardridges and syringes) and large volume parenterals (such as medical bottles). Volumes from 1 to 1,000 ml are inspected. These products can be liquid or powdery, but also freeze-dried products can be inspected.

There are also several variants of this machine in relation to the desired inspection:
- For the detection of foreign particles, level detection and other cosmetic errors
- For vacuum leak detection for checking the integrity of the containers
- For the combination of the above detections in combination with label, rinse and dry options Easy conversion and use

A powerful graphical interface has been developed for both machines. The machines can be managed in an ergonomic and intuitive way. The conversion to another product can easily be learned by the operator. As it should in the pharmaceutical world, CFR 21 Audit Trail reports can be stored.

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